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Schuermans In Central Asia

Friends: “Link Farm!”

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The good folks at Zurich Sunglasses are brethren in the faith and sell a fabulous product. If you're concerned about protecting your eyes from both radiation and high-speed projectiles, as well as seeing clearly, their products are worth the time and money. They honor their warranty promptly and courteously!

Via e-mail you may also ask about congregations in Colorado, Georgia, Nebraska, Illinois, and Oklahoma that have been helpful, as well as lawyers in Nebraska and Texas, car sales in Nebraska, pilot's training in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Washington. Insurance sales in Arizona (especially for short-term trips abroad)…

A recent and encouraging endorsement came from the folks at The Storehouse Movement. If you're in the Omaha area, check them out!

Central Asian Partners coordinates all kinds of humanitarian aide, medical teams, business training and sundry projects for Kyrgyzstan. They also are the folks that monthly pack up our "stuff" and send it here! Current dates, addresses and instructions are available on their shipping page.

Heidi is a Latin teacher at New Covenant School. Matti studies at ASHA School of Massage. Barrett hopes to study soon at Maryland Bible College and Seminary. Busy, busy, busy!

John Paff is a web guru that helped us with our web design. Esperanto flag graphic from CRWflags. Mini flag graphics from Edward Mooney.

The Institute of Strategic Languages and Cultures has the best Russian language and culture program on the planet for English speakers.

Do you like Tupperware? E-mail us for a Pampered Chef vendor.

Rancho de la Paz ("Peace Ranch," from Spanish) is a wonderful place for a retreat or a rest in between Los Angeles and San Diego. Similarly focused but located on the East Coast in the mountains of North Georgia is Shepherd's Refuge — Selah Ministries. Both of these ministries focus on ministry to ministers.

For great materials on history and worldview, contact the Providence Foundation. For commentary and analysis on the news, excellent weekly e-mails from the folks at Patriot Post: it's right, it's free!

Folks ask us frequently about our child rearing "secrets." Sorry, there's no silver bullet. It's not rocket science, but it requires effort. Besides Solomon's Proverbs, the best resources we've ever come across are the Pearl's To Train Up A Child and Richard Fugate's What The Bible Says About Child Training.

On the heals of child-rearing (actually, usually on the toes. You have the babies before you begin rearing them…) Cheryl used the Bradley Method® of child birth for all 7 children. All seven: all natural, all without medication, all without complications. As with all gurus these days, "eat the chicken, leave the bones." The physical child bearing methods are outstanding. Some of the philosophies and politics have holes.

For an answer to skyrocketing health-care costs, try Christian Healthcare Ministries. We've been without health "insurance" for years and never regretted it. If you sign up and use us as your reference, we can get a month free. E-mail us for details.schuerman links friends

We have 9 folks and have paid pennies per person in health care over the past two decades. Part of it is supernatural, part of it is generosity of folks like Tranquility Park Dental because of our work; part of it is vitamins from Nature's Sunshine. We buy them at Better Herbs.

Home schooling? Home School Legal Defense Fund should be near the top of your list of school supplies. One letter or phone call from these folks often quashes any trouble from over-aggressive bureaucrats. Speaking from experience: highly recommended, highly professional.

Hair? Heidi, Matti, Lisse, Robert and Uncle Todd have all now grown at least one pony tail and sent it to children who have lost their hair due to medical reasons. See these folks at Locks of Love.