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Schuermans In Central Asia

Kyrgyz Klatsch

We celebrated our 25th anniversary recently! Look at those smiles!
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Minor Challenges, 2011.XI

Mueller Straights, 2011.X
Answered Wakhan Prayers, 2011.IX
Next Step, 2011.VIII
Wedding Photos, 2011.VI & VII
He Loves Philistines!, 2011.V
I Got Nothin', 2011.IV
Mueller Shift, 2011.III
Synergy And Tenacity, 2011.II
Nurture Trumps Nature, 2011.I
Faith And Frisbees, 2010.XII
Millions For Missions, 2010.XI
Wakhan Airlift brochure, 2010.X
Wakhan Airlift Details, One By One… 2010.X
Reconciliation And Reconstruction, 2010.VII
Mountains And Molehills, 2010.VI
Spring King Things, 2010.IV
Announcing the Wakhan Airlift, 2010.III
George Mueller, 2009.IX
Modern-day Heroes, 2009.VII

Other newsletters archived and available upon request.