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Why Heraldry?

Schuermans The shield per fessα argent and sableβ on a fessγ gules;δ in chiefε seven bendy sinisterζ purpur,η and in fessθ a saltireι or,κ and in baseλ a lion's head armedμ and erasedν of the lastξ.

In heraldry, there's a technical half English/half French that developed so that experts could reasonably exchange the “pictures” with words. The previous verbiage describes our crest.

There're a few sentences in the Good Book that read, “every man by his own standardο…” It might be reading too much into it to assume each family should have their own heraldry, but then, perhaps not. Friends that pointed it out to us take it as a commandment, and it sure makes travel through international airports with a brood of little ones a wee bit easier... “Have you seen the little girl with the shirt that looks like this one?!?!”

As to the symbolism, start at the bottom. We are born in sin and God is a roaring lion, expecting redemption or destruction. Black is often the color of darkness and evil, gold is divine.

In the middle, the only hope of redemption is the blood and the cross. Our promotion to the top comes only via Him. If we accept the promotion, we are washed clean -- white -- and adopted as royalty -- purple. There are seven stripes to symbolize the seven children of our little segment of humanity.


α Divided horizontally. ι A diagonal cross.
β Silver (white) above black. κ Gold.
γ In the middle. λ In the bottom section.
δ Red. μ Teeth showing.
ε In the top section.ν Heads in heraldry normally come with shoulders. “Erased” means shoulders missing.
ζ Diagonal stripes with the top to the right. ξ The “last,” i.e. the most recent color mentioned, gold.
η Purple. οNumbers i.52 and ii.2.
θ In the middle section.