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An Important Word On Sharing This Booklet

Children's Edition 

Dear Boys and Girls,

I am writing to help you understand the reason for this booklet. It will tell you how precious you are to Christ and how He wants you to know Him personally. This will happen when you savingly believe in Him. I know that many of you already know about Jesus and can even quote Bible verses. That’s good. But, that’s not being saved unless Christ has changed your actions and attitudes.

I know most of you children will do things for the approval of your parents, teachers and others you respect. But don’t invite Christ into your heart just to please somebody, or before you are ready. He will come into your life if you want Him to and you are doing this to please Him. Once you really know how to be saved, then it is your privilege and responsibility to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus.

In this book you will find a staircase. Each “step” stands for a different level of interest in coming to know the Lord Jesus personally. When you are deciding which “step” you are on, really think about it! Some of you have had a real spiritual experience with Jesus. But every spiritual experience is not a salvation experience. You can really be bothered about your sins and even cry. This is a spiritual experience, but it doesn’t save you unless you repent and believe. However, God is calling you when this happens so that you will invite Him into your heart. Then He will make changes in your life.

You can come up this staircase just as fast as you understand and are willing for Christ to be first in your life. The amount of time it takes depends on you. Don’t delay, but don’t put yourself on any “step” if you’re not there.

You may be a good and obedient child or quite rebellious and strong-willed. Christ died for both for there is no one good enough himself to go to heaven. Romans 3:10. Reading this booklet often will be like a light getting brighter and brighter and you will understand what a true Christian is.

One last word. We can tell you how to be saved. Only God can tell you that you are. Christ by His Spirit does that. Romans 8:16 says, “For His Holy Spirit speaks to us deep in our hearts, and tells us that we really are God’s children.”

When anyone makes a real commitment to Christ they will feel different toward sin and wrong attitudes, and they will want to please Christ. Remember you and your family can be saved as each repents and believes. This is God’s intention for them and you. God loves you more than I can tell you.

Now, look at the book and find our what step you are on.

Elmer H. Murdoch