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Schritte Zum Leben Schritte Zum Leben Schritte Zum Leben tohuvabohuo tohuvabohuo tohuvabohuo esperanto Өмүргө Алып Барчу Баскычтар Восхождение к Жизни

schuerman schuerman


Schuerman “Village”


Behold, ye olde internet parchment for the Schuerman «Village.» To what do we owe the pleasure?

This page has evolved (micro-evolution, not macro-evolution) from a personal site, thence to a family site, on to a ministry site, and now includes a business aspect. Please be patient as we saunter along in this sojourn of life, working it out with fear and trembling…

Learn to fly! • CFI • CFII • AGI • IGI • learn to fly!

Student at his first solo flight, below with robert.
The aircraft is a Cessna 150.

The aviation industry is replete with acronyms and abbreviations. If you want to read more of them or desire information on becoming a pilot, click here. robert has over two thousand flight hours and about the same amount of time logged as an instructor.

His motivational gift is teaching: the most fun he can have on the planet with his clothes on is, “watching the lights come on,” if ya-kno-wut-i-mean. He has experience in both American and Russian airspace, civilian and humanitarian flying. Whatever kind of flying you want to do— professional to just plain fun, “boring holes in the sky” —he can help you get there.

Se vi dezirus esperantan pilotan informaĵon, klicku ĉi tie.


One of robert’s hobbies is Esperanto, and his latest project is a translation of The Art Of War, the ancient classic by Sun Tzu, or Sunzi. In an interesting “cocktail” of hobbies and ideas and ministry, while studying The Art Of War he had the epiphany that perhaps “Master Sun” was a Christophany: read about it here.tohuvabohuo Unu de robertaj hobioj estas esperante, kaj lia plej freŝa projekto estas La Arto MilitaMilitarto, la antikva klasiko de Majstro Ŝŭan Ŭu, aŭ Sunzi. El interestiĝa “koktelo” de hobioj kaj ideoj kaj mistiko, dum studi La Militarto, lia inspiro estis, ke eble “Majstro Ŝŭan” estis Kristofano: legu la artikolon.


tohuvabohuoNow you know why we call it a “village!” This 2017 photo includes husbands and grandchildren. Since this photo was taken, we’ve added a grandson! As the song goes, “…a real, live nephew of my Uncle Sam, born on the fourth of July…” And just to prove “the apple doesn't fall from the tree,” daughter Matti’s sense of humor is like her dad’s. What did she call her son, born on the 4th of July? Tom Jefferson? George Washington? Nope! August.

tohuvabohuo Yes, one mom and one dad (us!) really did stay faithful to each other and have 7 children: 5 girls, 2 boys. Pictures and other historical information found by clicking about. This link jumps directly to the explanation of our heraldry. If you’re just looking for our e-mail monikers, click!

Miracles And Miscellaneous

tohuvabohuo My high school was “adopted” by the local Jewish community as “theirs.” As a result, my best friend, He’s a Jewish carpenter! There’s an old saw that goes, “If you meet and forget me, you’ve lost nothing. If you meet and forget Him, you’ve lost everything.” Take a gander over here or here for more info. If you’re reading this and English is not your mother tongue, click here instead for a list of editions in different languages, or here for a simple English edition.

tohuvabohuo robert re-published paper copies of both Miracles Of Faith and George Mueller Of Bristol. Mueller ran an orphanage on “nothing” but faith.

Beate Paulus was a German minister’s wife mentioned as inspiration by George Mueller. He was intrigued by the woman’s quote: “I was willing to be the second forgotten by God, but not the first.” Read about her in Miracles. Another inspiration of Mueller’s was August Francke— Faith’s Work Perfected. Both Miracles and Faith are less than 100 normal novel pages, they’re quick, easy reads.


If you’re an English-speaker studying Esperanto, or an Esperanto-speaker studying English, the Book of Books is the best tool. My favorite place to start is Proverbs.tohuvabohuo Se vi estas anglalingva studado de Esperanto, aŭ esperantlingva studado de la angla, La Libro De Libroj (angle kromnomo: “The Book of Books” signifas La Biblio) estas la plej bona ilo. Mia favora loko komenciĝas estas La Sentencoj De Salomono.


All the best, from our village to yours.
Ĉiaj plej bonaj esperoj, de nia vilaĝo al via.