CFI flight instructor pilot safe smart legal

 CFI flight instructor pilot safe smart legal
 CFI flight instructor pilot safe smart legal


 CFI flight instructor pilot safe smart legal
 CFI flight instructor pilot safe smart legal
 CFI flight instructor pilot safe smart legal


Learn to fly!

 CFI flight instructor pilot safe smart legal

Source unknown. Displayed in 2013 at
Columbia-Adair County airport, Kentucky (I96).
Commandment 11

Ignore ye not
thy Checklist,
for many are
the Switches,
Handles, Gauges
and other Demons
awaiting to take
cruel Vengeance
upon Thee.

New! Freshly-minted Multi-Engine Instructor!

Student Pilots!

Zero To Hero!
Seasoned Pilots!

Safe, Smart & Legal
Want to fly? Will you be a “zero to hero” pilot, or you have a logbook with hours from years ago? You have come to the right place!

Whether starting from scratch or finishing up, the old airline’s motto applies, “We love to fly, and it shows!

By the way, there is a significant ground school commitment to becoming a pilot (you gotta hit the books!). As a certified ground instructor (AGI/ IGI), i can help you with that, too!

Under rules new in 2018, TAA-time can now count for commercial-pilot requirements. Our C172 has ADSB-in, ADSB-out, WAAS-enabled GPS, and a brand-new (2018) engine: you can get all 3 ratings in our aircraft (private, instrument, commercial)!

You're probably here because you want a CFI/CFII with more than merely aviation experience, someone who's not building time to get to another place, someone who's really concerned about helping you be the best, safest, smartest pilot you can be.

Did you know that flight schools often produce CFII’s without any actual IMC experience?!?! Let that sink in a moment…

Safe, smart, and legal. If you remember your high school math, those 3 sets don't always coincide. Does your flight instructor tell you about all three?

Advanced ratings, flight reviews, “dust off the cobwebs” and get “back in the saddle,” like Rosey the Riverter, “we can do it!


Most of my flying and teaching is based at Tennessee's 2017 “Airport Of The Year,” Tullahoma (THA). Winchester (BGF) and Franklin County (University of the South, Sewanee, UOS) are nearby.

The bottom line, however, is that i love to fly. i can come to you anywhere, anytime. Contact me (sidebar or below), let’s talk about how to realize your aviation dream!


If you are one of the fortunate few with your own airplane, i will happily fly with you. For the rest of us…

In Tullahoma, (THA) we have access to a Cessna 172N. For some missions other aircraft are available. For the C172N, Flyers Cross flight school and flying club (a.k.a. Tullahoma Aviation Company) utilizes the reservation system on FAA Flight Schools. Please contact me (sidebar or below) before you set up your moniker.

A 1961 Cessna 172C should be back on-the-line before the end of the calendar year… stay tuned! It’s cheaper to operate and has “steam gauges…” a little higher “bang for your buck.”


No, not starting the engine… starting to fulfill your aviation dreams!

We use a graphic file for e-mail to foil spammers: send me a note at  CFI flight instructor pilot safe smart legal. Sorry you have to hunt and peck. Phone available via e-mail.

Abbreviations (aviation is full of them!): CFI = Certified Flight Instructor, CFII = CFI– Instrument, AGI = Advanced Ground Instructor, IGI = Instrument Ground Instructor, MEI = Multi-Engine Instructor, IMC = Instrument Meterological Conditions (“in the clouds!”). TAA = Technically Advanced Aircraft. ADS–B = Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Broadcast

The difference between “Flight Instructor” and “Ground Instructor”? A CFI/CFII needs a current medical certificate and a renewal every 2 years that includes study time and flight time. An AGI/IGI needs no medical and is easier to both keep current and renew. The knowledge tests required for CFI/AGI and CFII/IGI are respectively identical: flight instructors have in addition to the knowledge test (obsolete terminology: “written” test) oral and flight exams.

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