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Schuermans Schuermans

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Schuermans Schuermans Schuermans Schuermans



Schuermans in central Asia

Faith's Miracles

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Chapter XI. In Memoriam

So closes the "life-work" of one of the holiest, most energetic, and most faithful of women, whose ruling characteristic was self-forgetting devotedness and fervent love.

Need we wonder to be told, not only that her children and children's children rise up and call her blessed,11.0 but that the little country which gave her birth, though in her day numbering but a million of people, has sent out a large proportion of that noble band of foreign evangelists, whose deeds of undying fame have rendered our age memorable. The peasants who drank in spiritual life and energizing faith from such men as her father and grandfather, have given their hardy bodies and strong powerful minds, after due preparation, to go forth into many a dark region, there to sow broadcast the seed of that living Word, which in the retirement of their secluded villages had taken root in their own minds. And many a humble mother's heart, in that primitive country, has bounded with joy at the report of victories won for Christ by her son in the far-off fields of his trial and conflict.

The descendants of Madame Paulus still follow in the track marked out by her; honorably and usefully fulfilling their course, and educating in their large and prosperous Institution11.1 both the sons of their own soil and youths sent them from all parts of Europe and the mission field.

He that trusteth in the Lord, mercy shall compass him about.
Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice ye righteous;
and shout for joy all ye that are upright in heart.11.2



11.0 Proverbs xxxi.28

11.1 The Salon, near Ludwigsburg, Wuerttemberg.

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Chapter 10 Contents Chapter 1